Les meilleurs infos à savoir pour faire de votre Jour J Une célébration inoubliable !

Some dates are more popular than others, in summer the calendar can fill up very quickly, so some brides and grooms book their photographer up to 2 years in advance.

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1. Hire a real professional or trust a relative?

We all know someone who has a camera, a cousin, an uncle who loves photography, why not ask them? The option of choosing a relative is often a more economical option but unfortunately rarely proves to be a wise choice.

Your loved one can take nice pictures from time to time but is he specialized in weddings ? Does he know how to recognize the key moments of a wedding and be positioned at the right place, at the right time? Does he have the right equipment? Is he/she ready to invest a whole day (not to mention the tens of hours to go through the thousands of photos and edit them as well)?

I often hear from other photographers or photography enthusiasts that they regretted shooting the wedding of their family or friends. I could not enjoy the wedding" they say. Not only there is the risk that you don't like the pictures because your loved one is not a professional but also there is the almost certainty that he will not have as much fun as the others.

So in my opinion, it's too risky a bet. Spare yourself the risk of bad surprises, let your loved ones have fun and share this beautiful day with you.

Hire a professional.

2. What budget for a wedding photographer?

The budget is for many an important factor when choosing a wedding photographer, the average price of a wedding photographer in France and Belgium is about 1200€ for the whole day. A couple allocates about 12% of their wedding budget to a photographer and or a videographer.
You will always find someone to do it cheaper... But at what price? Entrusting the memories of one of the most beautiful days of your life to an amateur or unreliable person can result in a very bad surprise. Ask yourself how much these memories are worth to you?

3. How to recognize a professional wedding photographer ?

How to recognize an amateur from a professional?
A good way to identify the professionalism of a photographer is to see the comments and testimonials of previous clients. Were they satisfied with the service?
Ask them directly if you have the opportunity.

Do they have experience in wedding photography? A wildlife photographer or a landscape photographer are doing 2 completely different jobs, you wouldn't ask your dentist to remove a mole, it's the same for wedding photography.

4. Choose a photographer whose style inspires you.

Finding a wedding photographer is not difficult, but does his or her style of photography reflect the final result you would like? There are as many styles as there are photographers.
You rather like pastel colors, very bright tones, a fine art style?
You want a more crazy, colorful, fun style in your photos?
You like the glamorous style, chic, rather natural or artificial light like Hollywood?
Make sure your photographer's portfolio is in line with what you want.

5. Get to know the photographer.

Once you have found a photographer whose style inspires you, don't hesitate to chat with him/her, by phone, Skype, zoom or even in person if possible. Putting a voice, a face to a name helps enormously to create a good relationship of trust and put everyone at ease. The more comfortable you are the easier it will be for you to take pictures together. Talk about your expectations, the key moments of the wedding that you don't want to miss, your favorite profile for the pictures, your shyness too if it is important for you.


The choice of your wedding photographer is not to be taken lightly and entrusted to anyone. The photographer is one of the people who will accompany you during your entire wedding, so it is important that this person knows how to put you at ease and with whom you can communicate easily. Your wedding will be an unforgettable moment for you and will remain so thanks to the moments captured by your photographer.

The price of a wedding photographer can vary in the same way as the price of a bottle of champagne, there is sparkling and there is vintage.

Which factor to consider?

Number of hours

Before the wedding:

The work of a wedding photographer does not only consist in taking pictures.

In fact, the work of the photographer begins well before, from the first contact, during the meeting, the written exchanges and / or telephone, the photographer will take the time to understand and meet your needs by preparing the best for the day. 

The photographer will also get to know the place where the wedding will take place in order to adapt to the light and already understand the best possible angles and compositions.

During the wedding: A wedding can last the time of the exchange of vows at the commune and or at the church, it can be an afternoon, all day, 2 or 3 days for some weddings. What is the duration of your festivities? And how long do you want your photographer to accompany you? The price may depend on the coverage of the event.

Après le mariage:  On peut estimer que 50% du travail du photographe se fait après le mariage. Un photographe peut parfois prendre jusqu’à 4000+ photos durant un mariage. Bien sûr rare sont les clients qui veulent toutes les photos, il est question donc de passer en revues toutes les photos, trier et sélectionner les meilleurs dans un premier temps. On estime à environs 400/500 photos le nombre de photos donc à éditer et retoucher. On ajoute donc au minimum une à 2 bonnes semaine de travail voir plus en fonction du photographe. Le photographe spécifie dans le contrat le temps de livraison des photos.

Number of photographers

A wedding is an event made of thousands of moments, it is sometimes wise to take a formula with 2 photographers, 1 main photographer and his assistant who will be able to support him to not miss any important moment for you. Some weddings require up to 2 or 3 assistants just for the photo part.

The photographer's equipment

In the cost of a photographer, it is important to also take into account that all cameras are not equal, a professional uses professional equipment and that also has a price

The quality of the photographer

Le prix d’un photographe prends en compte le niveau de ce dernier, son expérience, son œil, son unicité dans son domaine. Le photographe peut passer des années à se former, s’éduquer à parfaire son art et c’est toute cette valeur qui se retrouve reflétée dans son prix.


Love has no borders, I realize photo sessions and weddings in Belgium and around the world. The travel expenses will be calculated according to the destination.